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Protest and topical music including comedy. We're interested in the history of protest music, for instance labor songs, civil rights songs, anti war songs. We also feature contemporary protest music and we particularly want to hear your protest songs.

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 For our Sister JoanMar

Joan's oldest daughter was hospitalized last week for what was thought to be an ulcer. Tragically, just as she and her mother thought that she was going to be released from the hospital, Joan's beloved eldest daughter passed away. As Dee stated: "She who has given her all to us, who has inspired us to care for, and act for those who need defending, needs our help, prayers and support today" and many tomorrows. Last night, our community's generous heart donated, over $7023.54 in a fundraising diary by JekyllnHyde and a team from Community Fundraisers. We need more money for her daughter's funeral. Costs for the funeral are estimated at $10,000. We'd like to raise more money so Joan can deal with any related expenses while focusing on her family and younger children.

As Yasuragi says so beautifully, we can't carry her pain, but we can try to reduce the "pressures of the real, cruel world:"

I felt a strong connection to JoanMar when I first became aware of her on the site.  She has a powerful voice, and it's evidence of her powerful heart.  But what always has made me smile is when she talks about her kids.  I love the pride I hear, the pleasure she takes in their wisdom, humor, and perspective on this world (though I'm not at all surprised they have those traits, given who their mom is).

When I read JoanMar's heartbreaking message to Support the Dream Defenders, I burst into tears -- which is not typical of me.  I usually take a while to digest bad news, but the shock and pain of that loss was so immediate, and thoroughly excruciating.  What made it all the more agonizing was remembering -- instantly, the way images slam into our minds when something awful happens to someone we love -- was how she always sounded when she wrote about her kids -- filled with love, and pride, and delight.

The loss will never be recovered.  The pain will always be fresh.  And we can't do anything about that.  It's one of the sad truths of friendship that we can't carry someone else's pain.  But we can try and alleviate the pressures of the real, cruel world that befall those who are grieving.  Please do whatever you can to help JoanMar through this time by insuring that the funeral and all attendant expenses are covered.  And thank you for helping out a beloved friend and sister.

Lean on us Joan:

We're here for our sis Joan.

Please Help JoanMar Pay for Her Daughter's Funeral

  • Go to  Click Send Money to Family and Friends, which allows the recipient to get 100% of the donation. Enter JoanMar's email address and amount you are sending.  The sender's name is visible to the recipient. Remember, every little bit helps and adds up in a hurry.
  • If you would like to send a paper check or money order (to protect your real identity) through the US Mail, please send a Kosmail to elenacarlena to get the mailing address.  As you can understand, Joan's going to be tied up with making funeral arrangements.
  • You can also help by recommending all diaries posted during this fundraiser, offering encouraging comments, republishing to your Daily Kos groups, linking to your Facebook pages, and helping to spread the word through Twitter.

 (Upd x 4) A Tragic and Unimaginable Loss For a Community Member - Please Help JoanMar and Her Family

This is one diary I wish I didn't have to write, but it is my sad duty to do so.

How do you deal with a personal loss so unthinkable that it literally causes you to stop functioning as a normal human being?  If a wife or husband loses a life partner, they are called widows or widowers.  When young children lose their parents, we refer to them as orphans. When a mother unexpectedly loses a precious child she brought into this world, what do you call her?  Mere words are inadequate to describe such a loss.  

Is any parent ever really prepared for this level of pain and grief?  No, it is unfathomable. Shouldn't the younger generation live longer and experience life to the fullest just as their parents did?  If there was any justice in the world, the answer would be yes. That is the one belief all of us, in the course of our lives, take for granted - until it isn't the case.  As JFK famously said once, life isn't fair.    

I'm sorry to inform you that this is exactly what happened to one of our community members just this past weekend.  And for those of us who have known JoanMar for years on Daily Kos, we were deeply saddened to hear of her tragic loss.

 Thank you to my Daily Kos family

Hey everybody!

I just wanted to take a moment to thank you. This past week has been incredibly brutal and taxing, but your support and encouragement have been constant. I've read your diaries and hundreds of comments. They really did help me during some of the particularly low moments and for that I am grateful.


I know we sometimes disagree, but we do so as women and men who passionately care about many of the same policies and principles. We disagree, in part, because we care so much. I'm glad to be a member of of this progressive community and feel now, more than ever, like a true part of this Daily Kos family.

We have a lot of work to do, but I'm glad to be doing it with you.

Your friend and brother,


 When your mother is 'illegal'

What does it do to a community when a significant fraction of its members are declared illegal by their presence?  It creates a culture of fear.  When a 6% of the people in a state are "illegal" they may be afraid to call the police to report a crime because they may be subject to deportation, afraid to use medical services, hesitant to advocate for their children in school, because they may be subject to arrest and deportation at any time.

Conservatives argue its their fault for being here - drive them out with stricter laws, is the Republican battle cry.  But, their work is contributing to the community, not to mention to the pockets of many of those Republicans.  Donald Trump's latest luxury hotel is being built by undocumented immigrants at the same time he calls for their deportation:

Beyond the obvious hypocrisy, the human impact of the reality created, the situation where 'normal' is working mother Rosa Robles Loreto being pulled over for a traffic violation and taken into custody for deportation.  To avoid being fully separated from her family she has partly separated from her family and has taken sanctuary in a church in Tucson for over a year.  Instead of working to pay bills, volunteering at her church and attending her sons' school events and baseball games, she stays within the confines of Southside Presbyterian Church.  

Rosa did not set out to be either a hero or a lawbreaker.  She was living and working in Arizona when she became pregnant, but "didn't want to break any laws or rely on government assistance by giving birth to them here, so she returned home to have them in Mexico."  Her situation shouldn't be reduced to soundbites or simplistic answers - Rosa and her family are real people, working members of the community, and they deserve a real solution.   How do we communicate that to people who operate by racism and fear?

 "It is in the shelter of each other that the people live."

-Irish Proverb

Just some morning music to put a positive spin on your day while the rest of the world goes crazy.

This song expresses the urgency we all face to unite together as a planet and offers us wisdom with the words, "War, children, it's just a shot away... Love, sister, it's just a kiss away". It really is that simple. We dedicate this song to all the lost, homeless and forgotten people in this world. It is in the shelter of each other that the people live.
 I Also, Stand With Shaun King!
I missed all of this. I've been a little busy past week.

I saw a lot of diaries by Shaun, (whom I hadn't had a chance to get to know yet) and I'm like; ok, why is someone abusing a diarist. Here on Dkos. No, it couldn't be. But it was very late and I went to sleep. Then, I started reading some of these diaries

I had to google Shaun King, to know what I was reading.
Sorry, but I've missed a lot of The "Black Lives Matter Diaries".

Screw them Shaun!
The racial identity of Black Lives Matter activist Shaun King has been questioned by the web site breitbart. Shaun King Responds-Twitter, by Kim LaCapria

btw, a Mother can put any Father's name on a birth certificate. Only natural Shaun's Step-father, her husband's name would be there.

All of these; right wingers, pundits, extremists, websites, television wherever, whatever, whom are perpetrating this obvious lie, are actually committing,  a " pejorative slur", against, Shaun King's character and ethnicity.

Are they accusing him of a crime? Taking a scholarship under false pretenses? That could be liable, on the part of those circulating this story.

(Say that; five times, fast, breitbart, fox tv and assorted cronies!)

In other words, I would call it slander.
The dumb bastards all put it in writing or on video!

These people attacking Shaun King; they're still looking, for Pres Obama's birth certificate.

Pres♥ has the opposite problem; they want him, to be black.

President Barack Obama, seen here in his days as a student at Harvard Law School!
Love And Peace Brother And To Your Family Too!
♥Civil Rights♥ African American History♥
 Social Security Administration to retroactively grant same-sex spousal benefits
A married gay man carries the rainbow and U.S. flags at a celebration rally in West Hollywood, California, United States, June 26, 2015. The U.S. Supreme Court ruled on Friday that the U.S. Constitution provides same-sex couples the right to marry in a hi
The LGBT advocacy group Lambda Legal received confirmation Thursday that the Social Security Administration plans to retroactively offer spousal benefits to same-sex couples who were legally wed but lived in a state that did not recognize their marriage. From Lambda:
According to the Department of Justice, the new policy will apply to previously filed claims still pending in the administrative process or litigation. The expected policy change follows the Supreme Court’s June decision striking down marriage bans across the country.

Lambda Legal is pleased to receive this confirmation that the Social Security Administration will soon announce a change to their spousal benefits policy that could right a wrong for hundreds of same-sex spouses.

According to the release, the SSA has given no time frame for when it will officially make the change. But what this suggests is that widows and widowers who have a case pending and whose spouses died before the Supreme Court ruling legalizing gay marriage will be eligible to receive Social Security survivor and death benefits. The decision could also affect couples who have sought other spousal benefits but been denied based on the state in which they reside.

The news from Lambda came on the heels of a New York Times article about spouses whose cases to receive benefits were still pending.

 Fineena Needs Some Angels

Sometimes we here are the last resort for someone who is holding on by their fingernails. This is the case for Fineena.

In recent years, Fineena has been hit very hard by misfortune after disaster upon calamity. She has lost her work, and later lost her replacement income. She has lost her home--including the many thousands of dollars in equity she had invested in it--and almost all of her possessions. She has lost a lifetime of savings. She has lost her family of origin, which consists now of a sibling who is indifferent to her circumstances. She has lost her health: recently, she was diagnosed with COPD, on top of several years of chronic, untreated high blood pressure, major tooth/gum problems, and clinical depression.  

She has a few resources to keep her going. Her beloved dogs, Sam and Julia; a couple of friends in her community, and us.

Sam and Julia
I can't speak from direct experience about being so much on the edge. But I can attest just how wearying it is to fight for the strength to press on, every day. Fineena is doing what she can to access local resources, which in North Carolina are scarce and hard to find. She has applied for SSDI benefits, and there is a good likelihood that she will qualify based on her illnesses and her age. (In less than a year, she will be able to take early SSA benefits. Between now and then, however, she is counting on her SSDI application to come through, and also planning to sell all the handmade items she can.) She has been trying to contact a local medical clinic with the specialists she needs to see; without medical insurance, that specialist access would otherwise be impossible. If she doesn't get connected to someone who can help her stabilize her medical condition, she is at risk of an acute episode, every day. I salute her perseverance in the face of daunting obstacles.

But every time she turns around, there is yet another bill. Let me give you one example.

A couple of years back, Fineena managed to get out of South Carolina, in what had been a disastrous attempt to get closer to her remaining blood relative. Now she is back on familiar turf, in North Carolina. But. She has to transfer her driver's license and her car registration to her new permanent address--in order to vote, of course, but also to apply for food stamps. That's not an inexpensive proposition. She lost the title to her car when her old house went into foreclosure and all her belongings were trashed. So she will have to jump through some bureaucratic hoops to track down another copy of it, for a fee of course. Then, once she has proved her right to the car, it will need some repairs so it will pass the state inspection. That's yet another set of expenses she can't afford. And yes, in theory, she could forgo owning a car. In most cities, including hers, public transportation is not adequate for someone whose health is jeopardized by long stretches out in the heat, or by long walks from home to bus stop to destination and back again.

You see the predicament she is in, I hope, from this single example, one of many to address.

This is what Fineena needs urgently:
$600 for electric bills, which includes a past-due amount plus overdraft fees;
$835 for rent, due on September 1st (no wiggle room on that deadline);
$ 90 for her inhalers, a prescription she hasn't been able to refill for weeks now;
$175 for some groceries, since her pantry is bare.
$125 for water (3 months)
$ 55 for internet access
So $1880, then--by next Tuesday. I hope we can do it, and with your help we can. Will you be an angel for Fineena and help her out right now ?

The next set of bills is only slightly less pressing.
They are:
$100 to see her PCP, who is the gatekeeper for her to gain access to a COPD specialist
$700 for her current and anticipated vet bills, on behalf of an ailing and aging Sam
$500 for getting herself square with the North Carolina DMV
$958 for a complex tooth extraction requiring anesthesia
That's another $2258, which she will need by the second week of September.

We're looking for a total of $4138 then, nearly half of it needed in the next seven days. Please do what you can for our sister Fineena. Her painful predicament could happen to any one of us; most of us in this country are only one paycheck away from a cascade of economic woe.

Even a little bit will help, since what we contribute together all adds up.

Thank you all. Every donation, rec, tip, tweet and share will get us closer to our goal.  

Let me add a little bit of information to that provided in JekyllnHyde's wonderful box below.

Gift cards are another option. Fineena says: "Local grocery stores are Harris Teeter, Food Lion & Publix. There are WalMarts in the area with grocery sections but I try to avoid Walmart in general however, not in a position to be picky.   I get my prescriptions from Target because they still offer $4 generics & also sell some groceries. [Trader Joe's is also an option.]
[Please Kosmail Fineena or me for her snail mail address.]
If you like Fineena's work, as I do, she also offers Gift Certificates to her own Etsy shop. Please purchase a Gift Certificate if you do not see anything in her present inventory that tickles your fantasy. I can attest that her scarves and cowls are wonderful. I have at least four light-weight scarves, which I wear at every opportunity, and four woolen cowls, which help keep me warm all winter long. I'm rarely without one for long, in fact, when the temperature drops. One of the woolen ones is a custom design my husband commissioned for me. Fineena found yarn from a local spinner (and iirc asked her to make some according to my color choices). It's glorious. (I'll try to upload a photo of it soon.)

Thank you for being an angel once again.

Fineena Needs Our Help Now

  • Go to  Click Send Money to Family and Friends, which allows the recipient to get 100% of the donation. Enter Fineena's email address and amount you are sending.  The sender's name is visible to the recipient. Remember, every little bit helps and adds up in a hurry.
  • If you would like to send a paper check or money order (to protect your real identity) through the US Mail, please send a Kosmail to Fineena to get her mailing address.  
  • Fineena makes gorgeous scarves and cowls.  Many community members have bought them and are ecstatic that they did.  The fall season is not far off and you can also help her by making a purchase through her Etsy shop - Willie Ru Designs.  If you have specific needs, contact her to place a customized order.
  • You can also help by recommending this diary, offering encouraging comments, republishing to your Daily Kos groups, linking to your Facebook pages, and helping to spread the word through Twitter.

 "I Didn't Come From Your Rib (You Came From My Vagina)"

A musical reminder to the GOP:

 (U#3) Forget About Bernie and Hillary For a Few Hours. This Issue Needs Your Attention. Like Now.

Some of you may know that one of our community members, earicicle, has some serious health issues and recently moved to Los Angeles for cancer treatment.  Since then, a number you Kosmailed me asking if I could post a diary on her behalf and after conferring with susans (who's in constant touch with earicicle), I had been planning to do so later this week.

The situation was urgent enough when susans posted her first diary a few days ago.  

Kossack earicicle has relocated to L.A. for medical treatment. She needs temporary housing for two weeks while looking for something permanent. I thought I had secured a place, but it looks like that's not happening.

Because of severe smoke allergies, she must have a completely smoke-free environment. She also brings with her a certified animal companion cat.