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Protest and topical music including comedy. We're interested in the history of protest music, for instance labor songs, civil rights songs, anti war songs. We also feature contemporary protest music and we particularly want to hear your protest songs.

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 ☆Tuesday☆ Yoko Ono Plans Largest Human Peace Sign For John Lennon's 75th Birthday☆ (Updated)
Yoko Ono Plans Largest Human Peace Sign For John Lennon's 75th Birthday
This; Guinness World Record-Breaking Event, Will Take Place Tuesday, October 6th At New York's Central Park East Meadow 10am-1pm
This Tuesday is the day of the Event and I sure hope, John gets many people.

There should be at least 10,000 John Lennon Fans in NYC!

Pre-Register/Free/Event Info
You can also Register at the event, but pre-registering is good if there are more than 10,000 people.
Can you imagine if 20,000 people showed up, or 30,000! They would fill Central Park. That would be one for the record books!

Conveniently it's between Coffee break 10am and lunch time. Ending, 1pm. So lots of people can get a couple of hours off from the boss.

We Love You John! You Too Yoko!

Yoko Ono FB

John Lennon


 They Say"People Not Guns Kill People" - But Honey, the Gun Sure Helps

 Hellraisers Journal: Life of Joe Hill Spared Through Last Minute Intervention of President Wilson
I have said that I'd have a new trial or die trying.
They can kill me I know, but they can
never make me "eat my own crow."
-Joe Hill

Friday October 1, 1915
Salt Lake City, Utah - Last Minute Intervention of President Spares Life of Joe Hill

Joe Hill, Salt Lake Tribune, Sept 19, 1915
The Deseret Evening News reported the news late yesterday afternoon:
On a request of Woodrow Wilson, president of the United States, Governor William Spry today granted a respite to Joseph Hillstrom, who was under sentence to be shot to death tomorrow, until the next regular meeting of the state board of pardons. This will have the effect of re-opening the case for further hearing before the board. Governor William Spry sent his reply to the president at 3:15 o'clock this afternoon
Fellow Worker Hill hears the news:
When Hillstrom was told of the governor's action this afternoon he did not say a word. The death watch, which was placed over him this morning, was removed when the governor granted the respite. The sheriff has been advised that Hillstrom will not be shot tomorrow and the official respite will be filed with the sheriff tonight, the governor announced this afternoon.
The article announcing the reprieve also featured an exchange of telegrams between Governor Spry and Swedish Minister Ekengren which Hellraisers will present in full tomorrow. The first half of the article can be found below the fold.
 Hellraisers Journal: Joe Hill Will Be Shot Tomorrow Morning, Gurley Flynn Fails to Gain Reprieve
I am not afraid of death, but I'd like to be in the fight a little longer.
-Joe Hill

Thursday September 30, 1915
From The New York Times: Gurley Flynn Unable to See Wilson on Behalf of Joe Hill

Elizabeth Gurley Flynn
Elizabeth Gurley Flynn
From today's New York Times:


Mrs. Cram and Miss Flynn,
in Quest of Reprieve,
Fail to Reach President.
Salt Lake Prepares to Suppress
Possible Outbreaks on Day
of Hobo Poet's Execution

WASHINGTON, Sept. 29.-Mrs. J. Sargeant Cram and Miss Elizabeth Gurley Flynn of New York, an organizer of the Industrial Workers of the World, called at the White House today, in behalf of Joseph Hillstrom, who is sentenced to be executed in Salt Lake on Oct. 1, but were told by Secretary Tumulty that the President had no power in State murder cases.

Tonight Mrs. Cram and Miss Flynn saw Acting Secretary Frank L. Polk of the State Department and asked him to assist them. Mr. Polk promised to forward the representations made by the Swedish Minister to Governor Spry of Utah, who alone stands between Hillstrom and death. Hillstrom is a Swedish subject.

The women said they had become convinced that Hillstrom had not had a fair hearing, and that they were asking for a reprieve in order that he might have another trial. Hillstrom, who is an active member of the I. W. W., was convicted of having killed a grocer in Utah two years ago.

[Photograph added.]

There is little hope left that the Governor of Utah will be persuaded to grant Fellow Worker Joe Hill a reprieve. Preparations are now under way at the Utah State Prison for the Rebel Songwriter to be shot to death tomorrow morning. However, the Minister of Sweden, W. A. F. Ekengren, continues unabated in his efforts to win a reprieve for his countryman, and has emphasized his opinion that Joe Hill did not get a fair trial.


The New York Times
(New York, New York)
 -Sept 30, 1915

Joe Hill
 -by Gibbs M. Smith
Gibbs M Smith Inc, 1984
 (copyright 1969)

Elizabeth Gurley Flynn


 Hellraisers Journal: Judge Hilton Insists Trial of Joe Hill Was Most Unjust in History of the West
I have lived like an artist and I shall die like an artist.
-Joe Hill

Saturday September 25, 1915
Salt Lake City, Utah - Hilton Releases Statement to Press on Utah Board of Pardons

Judge O. N. Hilton has release a statement to the press regarding his opinion as to the decision reached by the Utah Board of Pardons on September 18th which denied the petition of Fellow Worker Joe Hill:

Orrin N Hilton
This result, the denial of Hill's petition, is only an exemplification of the iniquitous system of having a pardoning board constituted of four members, all but one of whom have already prejudged the case and solemnly announced that the accused was guilty.

Judges are only human, after all, and having once made up their minds it is but natural that they should not only be tenacious of their opinions but insistent in their defense of such preconceived judgments. I found them all unusually so except, perhaps, the governor, and I had not spoken five minutes before they were all after me in violent and frequently raucous disputation and dissent. At one time three of them were talking all at once. What else could be expected than they should find against Hillstrom?

...As to the merits of Hillstrom's contention, I can only say that his complaint has always been earnest and consistent-that he was deprived of an honest and fair trial, and in that contention I most heartily concur.

I say without the slightest hesitation that the trial which resulted in Hillstrom's conviction was the most unjust, wicked and farcical travesty on justice that has ever occurred in the west.

...I was much impressed by Hillstrom's attitude and what he said before the board. His language was classic. The board offered to pardon him if he would state all the facts which might be later verified as the truth, but Hillstrom refused because, as he reasoned, a pardon presupposed a crime committed and he was innocent of all crime and so demanded a new trial when his vindication, as he believed, would be sure to come.

[Photograph and paragraph breaks added.]

Efforts to Save the Life of Joe Hill Continue

With the execution date now only five days away, all hope to save the life of the I. W. W. songwriter now seems to rest upon the intervention of  W. A. F. Ekengren, Swedish Minister to the United States. The Salt Lake Tribune reports that two prominent Salt Lake City women, Virginia Snow Stephen and Sigrid Bolin, are in contact with the Swedish Minister and are urging him to take prompt action through appeals to the U. S. Department of State.

 Exciting Update - snoopydawg is in Danger of Losing Her House and Beloved Woozles, Charlie and Abby

I have always had a soft spot in my heart for dogs.  The reasons are not that complicated.  Ever since I was a very young boy, we had several dogs who were an integral part of our family.  And on the day I left home for college, I couldn't bear to look them in their eyes and say goodbye.  I knew that I'd come home during school breaks to see them, but I wasn't sure if they did.  Dogs have a very keen sense of what's going on around them and so did mine.  On that day, I could just tell by the subdued look on their faces that they knew that something unusual was about to happen.  If only they could talk and ask me.  If they could, what would I tell them?  Would they even believe me or accept it?  

I recall being about 10 years old and finding myself alone at home one fall with my parents as my older siblings were off to boarding school.  Just as in every family, there's always one person who performs the vast majority of household tasks.  In our family, that just happened to be me—more by default rather than design.  And I loved bathing the dogs, brushing their hair, feeding them twice a day, taking them for walks, and playing with them in the front garden as they chased squirrels, butterflies, and the occasional wandering bird who dared to invade their space.  In turn, the four dogs reciprocated by jumping onto my bed at night, making themselves comfortable, and never failing to collectively lick my face early in the morning to let me know it was time to get up and feed them.  They instinctively knew that I was aware of my obligations and wouldn't let them down.  For several years, we enjoyed each other's company and were inseparable.  Dogs offer unconditional love and expect us to take care of them.  It's an unspoken quid pro quo that is mutually understood and respected. That's all part of growing up, learning about responsibility.  

Later on in life, some adults are not as lucky to have family around them and the thought of parting with their dogs is simply unbearable.  That's all they have left to continue living and surviving in a world often indifferent to their daily struggles and concerns.  

Such is the case for a long-standing community member who has been on Daily Kos for over a decade, snoopydawg.

Note: at the suggestion of VictorLaszlo (and also based on this comment by middleagedhousewife) made downthread, I should mention that snoopydawg is in Utah.  So, if you live there and can offer help in person, please contact snoopydawg thru Kosmail. Thanks.

 Why Can't The Pope Stop Acting Like Jesus?

(A Jewish Mother's musical reaction to the Pope, and to how he makes rightwingers freak out . . . )

 When one Valium means 10 years in jail
mother holding kids hand in jail
Handcuffs. Jail. Loss of child custody. All because of one Valium.

Another example of how the war on women and the war on drugs are colliding across America.

In many places across the nation, women who are suspected of drug use while pregnant are subject to outrageous punishments, even in cases where no harm to the child is detected.

A new Mother Jones and ProPublica report tells the story of one case in Alabama, where a woman took one of her boyfriend's Valium pills. Small doses are considered to be safe. She had been prescribed a number of drugs throughout her pregnancy including pain killers, so she didn't think it was a big deal. And her baby was found to have nothing in his system when he was born, and hospital authorities told her that it was okay, that he was clean and healthy.

But a few weeks later investigators from the sheriff's office showed up to her job and charged her with with "'knowingly, recklessly, or intentionally' causing her baby to be exposed to controlled substances in the womb." She was handcuffed and sent to jail.

That one Valium could mean ten years in prison.  

Although they let her retain custody of her newborn, the family court judge immediately granted her ex-husband full custody of her other six-year-old son. "There wasn't even a hearing. I was supposed to pick him up from school," [she] said, "and my lawyer saw the order and told me, 'Don't go.'"

There's more below.

 "We Belong Together" 100 Women ♥ Walk 100 Miles, To Greet Pope Francis. #Walk4MigrantJustice
The 100 Women Celebrate Arriving In Washington DC

Papal Visit 2015 Twitter

Pope Francis Schedule

Wednesday September 23 2015
White House Arrival Ceremony And Personal Meeting With President Obama

9:00am est
Watch More, At

Pope Francis, in Washington, Addresses Poverty and Climate by Peter Baker And Michael Shear Sept 23 2015

Thursday September 24 2015
Speech to the Senate and House of Representatives Joint Session of Congress

9:20am est
I can't wait to hear what he tells them!
Watch HouseLive

Pope Francis/Papal Address to Congress Selected Global Issues  

Friday September 25 2015
United Nations General-Assembly

8:30am est
Live Stream / United Nations Programs

11:15 a.m. Visit to St. Patrick in the City and Catholic Charities of the Archdiocese of Washington

4:00 p.m.   Depart from Joint Base Andrews

5:00 p.m.   Arrival at John F. Kennedy International Airport

6:45 p.m.   Evening Prayer (Vespers) at St. Patrick's Cathedral

11:30 a.m. Multi-religious service at 9/11 Memorial and Museum, World Trade Center

4:00  p.m.  Visit to Our Lady Queen of Angels School, East Harlem

6:00  p.m.  Mass at Madison Square Garden

Saturday, Sept. 26 (New York City and Philadelphia)
8:40  a.m.  Departure from John F. Kennedy International Airport

9:30  a.m.  Arrival at Atlantic Aviation, Philadelphia

10:30 a.m. Mass at Cathedral Basilica of Sts. Peter and Paul, Philadelphia

4:45  p.m.  Visit to Independence Mall

7:30  p.m.  Visit to the Festival of Families Benjamin Franklin Parkway

Sunday, Sept. 27 (Philadelphia)
9:15   a.m.  Meeting with bishops at St. Martin's Chapel, St. Charles Borromeo Seminary

11:00  a.m. Visit to Curran-Fromhold Correctional Facility

4:00  p.m.   Mass for the conclusion of the World Meeting of Families, Benjamin Franklin Parkway

7:00   p.m.  Visit with organizers, volunteers and benefactors of the World Meeting of Families, Atlantic Aviation

8:00   p.m.  Departure for Rome

♥We Are All The Children Of Immigrants♥ Even; those, in Congress.
Totally Free-Gov't And Social Service Immigration Links.

Israel Resendiz

 The Pope and the Guest List

Now that Pope Francis is on American soil (question: Is the Popemobile considered baggage?), we can turn our attention to the exploding heads on the right (both Vatican and American, from all indications, over the guest list for tomorrow's White House visit.

To put everything in proper context, we should note that there are about 15,000 names on that guest list, so it's not like any one of them is going to spend significant time alone with Francis...or even get close to him, let alone speak to him.

But that's not stopping folks like Mike Huckabee from tweeting:

 photo williamson_zpsm2l7qsll.jpg

Classless decision by @POTUS to transform @Pontifex visit into a politicized cattle call is an insult to millions of Catholics.
 The man who has asserted that he would have been a pervert if transgender people around when he was young, is especially concerned about the invitations to Episcopal Bishop Gene Robinson, who is openly gay, transgender activist Mateo Williamson, and former Nun on the Bus, Sister Simone Campbell.

My attention, of course, is on Mateo Williamson, a former leader of the transgender caucus within Dignity USA.

The Vatican’s disapproval of my presence at the ceremony speaks to the necessity for continued dialogue between transgender Catholics and the church hierarchy.

This is really not so much of a political statement as it is the reality that there are so many LGBT Catholics and family members of LGBT people who would really benefit from this message coming from the White House.