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Protest Music

Here's a link to the Protest Music Group at DailyKos.com.

Protest Music

This group is open to participation. Click on over to join the conversation or to post your own articles about Protest Music. If you've written and protest songs let me know.

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Protest Music

Protest and topical music including comedy. We're interested in the history of protest music, for instance labor songs, civil rights songs, anti war songs. We also feature contemporary protest music and we particularly want to hear your protest songs.

This is an open group. Please join and post your diaries. If you want to help manage the group message me and I'll make you a BlogEditor.

Of course Protest Music is on topic. But it doesn't have to be both. Protest or Music. Protest is on topic. Music is on topic.

 Jazz: Sir Duke Easter Special

Greetings to all the cats out there ready to dig the cool sounds of the eel's hips swinging in the trees. The Easter Bunny done come hopping into town and I’m like doing the eat and greet with relations across the nations. But Jazz gives rest the neyfus, the show must go on….

(I really did know someone who would talk like that)

And so…when one thinks of the great American composers, a few names should automatically come to mind: Copeland, Gershwin…and Edward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington, April 29, 1899 – May 24, 1974. Duke Ellington .com

It’s Saturday night as I write this and the Orphan Black season premier has just ended. This isn’t going to be an insightful diary (although I do have a thing or two to say…and none of that will involve questioning the abundance of pre-Christian imagery in the commercialization of what one would assume is the Holiest holiday in the Christian tradition)…it’s a Holiday special and celebration!  Next year in Jerusalem!

Take the orange squiggle to get to Sugar Hill way up in Harlem

 Repeat after me: President. Obama. Is. Black.
President Barack Obama bends over so the son of a White House staff member can pat his head during a family visit to the Oval Office May 8, 2009. The youngster wanted to see if the President’s haircut felt like his own. (Official White House Photo by Pete Souza)
Jacob Philadelphia touches President Obama's hair.
I happened to run across this item in the Washington Post this week, Is Barack Obama ‘black’? A majority of Americans say no, penned by Chris Cillizza (Jon Perr has described him as a "conventional wisdom regurgitator"). Cillizza links to data in his article from PEW Research (which gets it wrong) and natters on and on about a topic that should be case closed. We discussed it in Black Kos, and we all had the same reaction.

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, and young, black Jacob Philadelphia touching Barack Obama's close-cropped black hair said it for me. As Jonathan Capeheart wrote in Photo speaks volumes about Obama and race:

A black man allowing his head to be touched by a stranger. But not just any stranger. A child seeking a familiar link between himself and the black man, who also happens to be the leader of the free world.
I'm already worn out from the relentless racial obduracy of Jonathan Chait, last seen defending himself again on the Melissa Harris-Perry show on MSNBC after his back-and-forth with Ta-Nehisi Coates—who scored point, game match against Chait.  

The rabid racist right-wing in this country already knows that "their" White House has been violated by blackness. The birthers and their ilk still spew venom (see Rand Paul's new pollster). Klan-fueled, white supremacist haters murdered people at a Jewish Center, slayed Sikhs and plot to kill the president. This is familiar news.

That's why the timing of Cillizza's piece is curious.

Could it have anything to do with the recent activities of President Obama and upcoming elections?

Follow me below the fold for more.

 Netroots Radio Presents: "Crow Blood Blues"

Justice Putnam Self-Portrait / copyright Justice Putnam

The Justice Department is on Netroots Radio.com Sundays 8pm to 9pm Pacific and Mondays 9pm to Midnight Pacific. Powered by Unity Radio Net!

I'm Special Agent DJ Justice; Radio Host and Program Director for Netroots Radio.com; and I'm manning the dials, spinning the discs, warbling the woofers, putting a slip in your hip and a trip to your hop.

The playlist for Sunday 20 April 14 8pm to 9pm Pacific Edition of The Justice Department: Musique sans Frontieres

 ~~ "Crow Blood Blues" ~~

1 - Minutemen -- "One Reporter's Opinion"
2 - Gang of Four -- "To Hell with Poverty"
3 - Dead Kennedys -- "The Terror Of Tinytown"
4 - MC5 -- "Over and Over"
5 - Mission of Burma -- "That's When I Reach For My Revolver"
6 - The White Stripes -- "Seven Nation Army"
7 - Tom Waits -- "Gun Street Girl"

Station Break

8 - Thievery Corporation -- "Lebanese Blonde"
9 - Edie Brickell -- "What Would You Do?"
10 - Tinariwen -- "Imidiwan Matanam"
11 - Zero 7 -- "Give It  Away"
12 - Radiohead -- "Reckoner"
13 - Bill Frisell -- "Where Do We Go?"

Who luvs ya, baby?


 Ludlow: Four Scenes for Orchestra

Ludlow: Four Scenes for Orchestra is a 20-minute piece for chamber orchestra that I wrote to commemorate the massacre of striking mine-workers and their families in Ludlow, Colorado on April 20, 1914 - 100 years ago today. It was a turning point in the history of the American labor movement.


 ♥Happy Easter And Happy Passover♥

How To Make An Easter Bunny
Crafts, Recipes And More. Click On Each Picture.

Fast/Easy Easter Bunny Cake video link

Vegetarian Recipes

Sugar-Free Recipes

Passover 2014 began on the evening of Monday, April 14 and ends on the evening of Tuesday, April 22.

Jewish Holidays

Passover Recipes

The Best Of Holidays To Everyone

Also; I just wanted to share one of my favorite catalogs, eCatalogs oriental trading co. I've been a customer since the 1980's.


Editor's note
Even though I got this out somewhat late, I figured you could save anything you like for next year. I've been a little busy.

Action Alert ♥ NYC Trial For Occupy Wall Street Activist Cecily McMillan

 Hellraisers Journal: Mother Jones Freed From Cold Cellar Cell, Greeted by Cheering Crowd of Strikers
You ought to be out raising hell. This is the fighting age. Put on your fighting clothes.
-Mother Jones

Sunday April 17, 1904
From the San Francisco Chronicle: Colorado Supreme Court to Hear Moyer Case

Charles Moyer, President WFM
Charles Moyer
President of the Western Federation of Miners
The Moyer Case will be heard before the Colorado Supreme Court on Thursday. General Bell states that only on direct orders from Governor Peabody will Moyer be brought before the Court:
Attorney-General of Colorado Sure That Supreme Court Will Hear Case on Thursday

DENVER, April 16.-Attorney General Miller is authority for the statement that Charles H. Moyer, president of the Western Federation of Miners, will be produced before the Supreme Court next Thursday in accordance with the writ of habeas corpus issued by that body. He will be brought from Telluride in custody of the military authorities, by whom he was imprisoned, and their attorneys will resist any motion for his release on bail pending a decision on the questions involved in his case.

Both sides profess to be desirous of obtaining from the Supreme Court a decision as to the rights of the Governor to declare martial law, imprison and deport citizens without warrant and disregard writs of the District Courts, as has been done during the past six months in Teller, San Miguel and Las Animas counties.

"There will be no difficulty or delay interposed upon the part of the militia which will hinder the production of Mr. Moyer before the Supreme Court," said Governor Peabody to-day. "I shall be very glad to get an opinion of the Supreme Court if it will in any way hasten the settlement of all the contentions now disturbing the business and welfare of the State."

General Bell said to-day: "There is only one way for Moyer to be released by me and get out of my custody, and that is by an executive order of the Governor. When the Governor issues an order directing me to release Moyer I will do so, and not until then, courts to the contrary notwithstanding. The military cannot be interfered with in their operation by the civil courts, and Moyer will not be presented to the Supreme Court next Thursday, or elsewhere, unless by executive order."

A telegram received to-day from Ouray, Col, said that the referendum vote of the members of the Western Federation of Miners had resulted in favor of postponing the annual convention of the organization. W. D. Haywood, secretary of the federation, would not discuss the matter further than to say that the convention would not be held until President Moyer is released.

Moyer is quoted in a dispatch to the Times to-day as saying that the convention will probably be held at Butte May 27th. Mr. Moyer said there probably would be a contest over the question of moving the headquarters from Denver to Butte.

Moyer has been a prisoner in the City Jail at Telluride since March 27th. He is taken out to the hotel for his meals. A severe cold that developed into acute bronchial trouble is the only physical ailment from which he suffers. Close confinement in the damp stone building has aggravated the throat trouble to such an extent that he speaks with difficulty.

San Francisco Chronicle
(San Francisco, California)
-of Apr 17, 1904

The Cripple Creek Strike
-by Emma F Langdon
(Part I, 1st pub 1904)
NY, 1969

Photo: Charles Moyer, President of the Western Federation of Miners


 New ✰Cecily McMillan Defense✰ Occupy Wall Street

I'm not a Lawyer; but I've been around for 64 years, experienced a lot.

IMO; anyone could see, that Cecily is innocent.

Let's Examine The Facts:

Officer bovell has some serious problems in his history as a police officer, including alleged police abuse. As a result, his credibility is in doubt.

The NYPD has confirmed in court filings in the trial that bovell was previously subject to at least two other inquiries by the internal affairs bureau, and was disciplined over a 2010 case in which a 17-year-old boy claimed to have been injured after being run off the road on his dirt bike by police.

Reginald Wakefield, alleges the police maliciously used an unmarked police car as a weapon to knock him off his dirt bike in the course of a pursuit.

In court filings, Wakefield said his nose was broken, two teeth were knocked out and his forehead lacerated following the encounter with bovell and other officers on March 21, 2010. According to court records, Reginald Wakefield's lawsuit was finally settled this year on undisclosed terms.

bovell is also being sued in a civil lawsuit by an Occupy activist who claims the officer intentionally banged his head against the seats of a bus while removing him from the same protest as the one Cecily was at, on March 17th.

In addition, bovell had been disciplined by Police Chiefs, for having five parking and speeding tickets fixed by his union representative as part of the so-called “Bronx ticketing scandal” that became public in 2011.

The New York University School of Law and Fordham Law School, issued a detailed report that found that the NYPD consistently wielded excessive, aggressive force with batons, pepper spray, scooters and horses. In addition there were mass arrests that were often arbitrary, gratuitous and illegal, with most charges later dismissed.  

NYPD has been sued by Occupy protesters resulting in settlements of $50,000, $82,000 with more still pending. Kevin Zeese, Attorney
This is pretty much, a no-brainer.

Cecily, an educated young woman (23); who is intelligent enough to be a Graduate Student, at New York City's prestigious New School for Social Research.

Who is so responsible that she works as a Nanny. People trust her with their children.

Too bad we can't trust some rogue, police with ours!

Then there's a cop, with a history of not being so smart, plus other abuse allegations and proven disciplinary actions for abuse. It's not just Cecily who's saying he assaulted her.

Tell NY District Attorney Cyrus Vance, To Drop The Charges Against Cecily.
Sign The Petition Only takes 2 minutes.

Occupy Wall Street

Occupy Wall Street

Cecily's supporters are calling on activists and friends to #PackTheCourts and serve as witnesses each day of the proceeding.

#Pack The Courts Everyday

9:00 am (Court ends at 4:30)

Manhattan Criminal Court
Room 1116, Part 41 @ 100 Centre Street
New York, New York 10013

Please Come And Show Your Support For Cecily
Dress Attire, Business/Casual

For any questions, email CecilysTrial@gmail.com

Tentative Schedule Of Events

April 7th-Admissions of Evidence And Jury Selection

April 8th-Jury Selection Continued Day-Two

April 9th-Jury Selection Continued/Opening Arguments Day-Three

April 10th-No Court

April 11th- Jury Selection Continued Opening Arguments Continued Prosecution Case Day-Four

April 14th Day-Five

April 14th-Prosecution Case Continued

April 15th-No Court

April 16th-Defense Case


April 21st-Closing Arguments

April 22nd-Jury Deliberation

If Cecily was; your, Sister, Daughter, Cousin, Friend, Etc. How would you feel?

The facts, speak for themselves.

How to Detect Lies-Body Language, Reactions, Speech Patterns

Psychological Manipulation-(A type of social influence that aims to change the perception or behavior of others through underhanded, deceptive, or even abusive tactics.)

bovell's testimony: April 16, 2014

bovell's description of what is happening on the very poor quality tape, does not look accurate to me.

I see on this tape, that it looks like Cecily is trying to break away from whomever is grabbing her from behind.

In the few self-defense lessons I've had. I was taught that if someone put me in a bear hug, etc. I was to quickly drop down and slip out of the hold from the bottom.

The video image is also consistent with, if Cecily was pulling her arm away, from bovill's grasp and stumbled in the process. That's what it looks like to me and I have 20/20 20/40 vision.

Please do not leave any negative comments or opinions about Cecily's case. If you're not on Cecily's side; go read a different diary, or write your own. Thank You.

 Netroots Radio Presents The After Show with Wink & Justice: "Angle of Repose Friday

It's "Angle of Repose Friday" on The After Show. You know, the angle in which a granular substance stays in place on a slope. Makes sense to us.

Commissioners of Orange County, Texas voted unanimously to make April Confederate History and Heritage Month; Did Reagan officials protect neo-Nazi, KKK Grand Dragon, Frazier Glenn Miller in a triple homicide at a gay book store in 1987? Lawyers on that case say it is so; and The Southern Poverty Law center says nearly 100 murders in the last five years are linked to users of the Stormfront white supremacist site.

We will also be joined today on The Last Half with our Netroots Radio Government and World Affairs Correspondent, Will McLeod.

All that, plus the Connect! Unite! Act! Daily Kos Community Calendar and more on The After Show with Wink & Justice.

Player and other info below the Orange Flourish.

Justice Putnam Self-Portrait / copyright Justice Putnam

The After Show with Wink and Justice broadcasts 9am to 10am Pacific on Metaphor Mondays, Hip Hump Day Wednesdays, Thank God It's Giovedì (that's what we call it) and Angle of Repose Fridays

Who luvs ya, baby!?


 The Evening Blues - 4-17-14

eb 2

Welcome! "The Evening Blues" is a casual community diary (published Monday - Friday, 8:00 PM Eastern) where we hang out, share and talk about news, music, photography and other things of interest to the community.  

Just about anything goes, but attacks and pie fights are not welcome here.  This is a community diary and a friendly, peaceful, supportive place for people to interact.  

Everyone who wants to join in peaceful interaction is very welcome here.

 South Carolina man faces federal charges after failing to pay $0.89 for drink refill
Christopher Lewis discussing his federal citation for failing to pay for a refill drink.
Is there no common sense anymore? This news story out of South Carolina is truly unbelievable:
The ticket was issued by the Federal Police Force at the VA Medical Center in downtown Charleston after Christopher Lewis refilled his soda without paying the $0.89. A hospital spokesperson called it a "theft of government property."

"Every time I look at the ticket, it's unbelievable to me,” says Lewis, who works construction. “I can't fathom the fact that I made a $0.89 mistake that cost me $525."

Lewis is now out of a job. According to a hospital spokesperson, signs are posted in the cafeteria informing patrons that refills aren't free. Lewis says he never noticed the signs and admits he had refilled his drink without paying on other occasions. He says after he went back for seconds on Wednesday, a man who identified himself as the chief of police, stopped him.

"As I was filling my cup up, I turned to walk off and a fella grabbed me by the arm and asked me was I going to pay for that, and I told him I wasn't aware that I had to pay for that."

Lewis says he tried to pay the $0.89 right there, but wasn't allowed to. He says he wasn't given the chance to pay the cashier either.

Please read more on this story below the fold.

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