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Good Samaritans
On The Road

When Mark Sallings and The Famous Unknowns hit the road to Phillie they make the long haul from gig to gig and by the time they get to that last gig; or even a few in between; it's time for a good home-cooked meal and some relaxation. That mecca is the home of Ann and Lenn Norvilla.

Mark loves nothing more than to prop up his feet near a body of water somewhere and since the Delaware river runs right in the front yard of Lenn Norvilla, it's become the perfect place for Mark and the band to kick back, enjoy a brew and better yet FISH! As Lenn was once quoted "Mark has just about caught almost all the catfish out of the river"!

Lenn wrote a brief article which was to be in place of this, but with a few server problems and a few 'glitches' here and there, it got lost. Much to our disappointment.

We would like to thank the Norvilla's for their hospitality and for all the help they've offered when it comes to setting up gigs and housing the band! Folks like that don't come along often.

Our hats are off to you and to all the good folks in that area who come out to support The Unknowns (Especially photographer Phil Lee).

The band is headed back that way the end of May, check out their schedule for those dates.

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