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Mike Slater

Birthdate - July 12, 1958
Birthplace - Sacramento, California
Curent Residence - Jonesboro, Arkansas

Mike sat behind his first set of drums at the age of twelve but never again untill the age of 34. His first performance on stage came at the Philosophy Shop when Jonathan called him up to set in with the band. Under a lot of pressure and unrehearsed Mike's ear for music and natural ability carried him through and made for a great show. His first band "Storm Front" was a rock band but his love for the blues soon had him switching over. When his son Creed, began showing exceptional talent as a guitarist Mike encouraged him and soon the two were laying down thier own chops. When Mike's brother Danny joined in they were on thier way. The crew was joined by Aaron Johnson and Mark Ussery and the Accelerators were born. Presently the band backs singer/songwriter Angie Owens and are known regionally as Angie Owens and The Accelerators.

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Blues Fest, Craighead Forest Park, Jonesboro, Arkansas
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Lonnie Shields
Sunday In The Park - May 11, 2008
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