Tony Spinner

Place of birth: Cape Girardeau, MO
Date of Birth: 6/9/63
Curent Residence Jonesboro, AR

Tony started playing guitar in the 4th grade and became serious about playing around the age of 14 when he formed his first band in Cape Girardeau. The name of that band was "Turn that *hit Down!" The name grew out of the most frequently heard comment about their music.

Tony says his early influences were Ray Charles, Jimi Hendrix Muddy Waters, and "All those blues kings.. too numerous to name"

When asked about his early days in the business Tony related the following story.

" We opened a show for Night Ranger, our band name was Tuff Anuff. I played the national anthem to start things off, and at the "rockets red glare.. bombs bursting in air" part of the tune, I kicked on my fuzz box to get some obnoxious sounds. The battery was dead........... utter silence. Nothing happened, not from my guitar or from the audience! So, I scrambled around, kicked it back off and played a really tame/lame version. My lesson in not attempting to do what Hendrix already did! One more thing.. Always, always use Duracel!"

Tony owns the 64 Chevy SS on the cover of "MY 64" and it is one of his most prized possessions and one of his favorite hobbies. He is happily married and his extended family includes two horses, 7 cats, and 1 poodle

Tony likes playing early 60's strats and his His personal favorite is a 1960 Fiesta Red Strat named Vern.

Tony's Discography

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Crosstown Sessions
Blues Bureau International
Crosstown Sessions on Blues Bureau Internation

My '64
Blues Bureau International
My 64 on Blues Bureau International

Saturn Blues
Blues Bureau International
Saturn Blues on Blues Bureau International

Fit For A. King
L.A. Blues Authority - Fit for A. King

This is a tribute to one of the all time great blues guitar masters. Legendary performers Leslie West, Pat Travers, Rick Derringer, Frank Marino, Ricky Medlocke, Steve Hunter, Jon Butcher plus Craig Erickson, Kevin Russell and Tony Spinner play in homage to A. King!
Fit For A. King

Hats off to Stevie Ray

L. A. Blues Authority - Hats off to Stevie Ray
Leslie West, Pat Travers, Rick Derringer, Frank Marino, Ricky Medlocke, Steve Hunter, Jon Butcher, Craig Erickson, Kevin Russell and Tony Spinner perform smoking renditions of songs popularized by one of the all-time electric blues guitar greats.
L.A. Blues Authority - Hats of to Stevie Ray

Tony also recorded with Mark Sallings as one of the Famous Unknowns catch him on Let It Be Known on Vent.

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