Delta Pickins Reviews Frank Frost and Sam Carr - KEEP YOURSELF TOGETHER

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Frank Frost with Sam Carr - KEEP YOURSELF TOGETHER - Evidence 26077

This collection of delta juke joint blues from veteran singer and harmonica player Frank Frost and his drummer partner of over 30 years Sam Carr, should be in any comprehensive collection of the blues. Fred James does some tasty guitar work and some great organ accompaniment as well, while standup bassist Bob Kommersmith, holds down the bottom. This would be a welcomed addition or a great place to start to appreciate the talents of these two legends.

Frank wrote most of the songs including a couple of remakes of stuff he had previously recorded for Sam Phillips in the early `60s. The slow blues, like"Tired Of Living By Myself", and "Come On Home" are standouts that ooze the blues. Catch these gentlemen doing their thing whenever you get a chance! This is the real deal, folks!

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