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R. L. Burnside - MR. WIZARD - Fat Possum 80301

On this release, R. L. bares all with his brazen, out-to-get-ya slide guitar and vocals. Compiled from various sessions from `94 to late `96, the intensity never stops pouring out of this man's soul. Mr. Wizard indeed, Mr. Burnside is a powerful entertainer and a seriously talented one as well. He goes back and forth from solo to group efforts here and seems not to really care what anyone thinks about the fury he conjures up during this or any other performance. Listening to this disc, you might just wonder if your speakers will take it! Leave it in the player regardless, as you won't be sorry. If you are the least bit squeamish about the Blues or if you think you should steer clear of any possible musical danger then buy some Lawrence Welk, if not then buy this CD! That's just what R. L. would want you to do. He's out to raise a ruckus and man, that's just what he always does.

A trend-setter and a purist of sorts all at the same time, he is and has been ready to whip you into a frenzy with his own brand of Delta Blues so when the Wizard comes to town, you better go and let him cast his spell on you. R. L. likes to travel and his touring schedule is incredible so there is a good chance you can check him out for yourself and see that I'm not exaggerating!

Kenny Brown is one of the main conspirators in this controlled mayhem and for that and his continual support of R. L., we salute him. He also plays a mean guitar. Cedric Jackson, R. L.'s grandson, is the drummer and a force all by himself while on some cuts Russell Simins does the honors quite well. Jon Spencer, of The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion is on guitar and theremin while Judah Bauer holds down the second guitar on two cuts. All of these musicians are powerful in their own right and likely candidates to accompany the likes of our Mr. Wizard.

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