Craighead Forest Park

An Easy Trail

Beautiful Craighead Forest Park in Jonesboro, Arkansas provides swimming, camping, picnicing, and hiking. The hiking trail follows the lake shore leading you to little inlets and then back out to views across the lake. The trail is extremely easy with many places where you can drive right up to it and park. Unlike many of the trails in Arkansas this trail is handicapped accessible.

You can feed the ducks!

A chat hiking trail goes clear around the lake.

A patch of grass growing in the water at the edge of the lake.

Wildflowers catching patches of sunlight just off the hiking trail.

Megan sitting in the Elbow Tree

The Elbow Tree is not on the trail but it can be seen from your car.

Photos copyright 1998 by Larry Heyl and Megan Heyl

Craighead Forest Park Information

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