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Carl Heyl

Writer and Graphics

Carl Heyl is a writer and artist for Delta Boogie. His Kevin vs. Pyros story has been a regular feature in our Kids and Teens sections. Carl has his own web site, Scorpion's Den, on geocities.

Carl plays bass with Hairy Larry and The Flying Hungarians and has played at Blues Fest several times. Carl and his brother Kier are always working on a game or a gaming system. See our Net Games section for more from Kier and Carl on games.

Kier Heyl

Graphics and Editorial Assistant

Kier does most of the graphics on Delta Boogie. He also codes HTML maintaining two web sites, his home page on Delta Boogie and Kier's Walking Buttons on Geocities. He and his brother Carl maintain the Net Games section of Delta Boogie.

Kier plays keyboards and drums in Hairy Larry and The Flying Hungarians and has performed at several Blues Fests and on Something Blue.

Larry Heyl

Web Site Automation

Larry Heyl aka "Hairy Larry" is well known on the internet especially in Blues circles. He has spent the last ten years actively promoting the music and the musicians of Northeast Arkansas. In 1991 he produced the first Blues Fest now an annual event. He is producer and host of "Something Blue" which airs every Saturday night on KASU, 91.9 FM at 10:00 PM.

Larry is the author of all PageWize versions and the originator of the PageWize concept. He is the programmer for Delta Boogie which he automates using PageWize, dBase IV, Javascript, CGI scripts, and server side includes. He is a graduate of ASU with a B.S. in Computer Science.

Uldis Heyl

Graphics, Animation, and Music

Uldis is a songwriter and an artist who is developing some hybrid techniques for web animations. Our new Blues Fest box is an example of this technique which starts with hand drawn cells that are then scanned and processed on the computer.

Uldis has several songs published by Estonia Music which can be heard on Delta Boogie. He plays guitar and bass and has played in many bands in the Jonesboro area and in Denver, Colorado.

Vivian Heyl


Vivian keeps the whole show going. As editor of Delta Boogie she is constantly at work trying to improve the site. Long range plans for the magazine include adding sections for actors, poets, artists, and authors. She encourages writers and reviewers to contribute their work to Delta Boogie. She is a graduate of ASU with a B.A. in English.

Vivian is also recording engineer for "Something Blue" and sound person for Hairy Larry and The Flying Hungarians and Aaron Love and His TV Band. Vivian also promotes Blues Fest at Craighead Forest Park every Labor Day Weekend.

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