Blues Fest 95

Blues Fest 95 Photos by Scotty Miller

Frank Frost performing at Blues Fest 95

Blues Fest 95 was held September 2nd and 3rd, 1995 at Craighead Forest Park. We had wonderful cool weather and only a little bit of rain early Sunday morning. Joe Lee hosted an Alley Records reunion on Saturday and on Sunday we featured many acts that recorded at Sun in the fifties. A large audience both days enjoyed excellent music and a fine festival spirit. Scotty Miller from Clarksdale, Mississippi photographed the event. Mark Denny supervised the video shoot. Uldis Heyl and Robin Reynolds recorded the audio to DAT. Many of these historic tapes have been featured on Something Blue, a blues radio show on KASU including performances by Larry Donn, Sonny Burgess and the Pacers, Mack Self, Mose Vinson, Gerry Moss and the Drive, The West Finch Blues Band, and Hairy Larry and the Flying Hungarians.

Sonny Burgess and the Pacers

We are looking forward to doing it all again at Blues Fest 96.

Here are some excerpts from our program at Blues Fest 95.

Blues Notes

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Blues Fest Brings You Two Days of Blues

"Papa Joe" gives us an Alley Records Reunion on Sept. 2nd

Blues Fest 95 kicks off at 12:00 Noon on September 2nd with a day of Jazz and Blues. Headlining will be Joe Lee, known for his honey dripping sax solos and laid back vocal style. This year joining Joe Lee on stage will be many artists who recorded on the Alley Records label.

Rockabilly Extravaganza with Early Sun Records Artists on Sept. 3rd

On September 3rd Larry Donn, internationally acclaimed Rockabilly artist will headline. Joining Larry Donn for an afternoon of great Rockabilly will be Sonny Burgess and the Pacers, Mack Self, Leon Gambill, and many more.

Frank Frost and Sam Carr at Blues Fest 95

Sam Carr and Frank Frost will return for Blues Fest 95. They will appear on Sunday September 3rd as part of the Sun reunion. Frank Frost and Sam Carr's album "Big Boss Man" was the first record Sam Phillips released on the Phillips label. Now worth big bucks.

Also appearing on Sunday will be Mose Vinson, resident artist at the Center for Southern Culture on Beale Street. Mose was a pianist at Sun in the 50's.

Blues Fest 95 Schedule

Saturday, September 2nd

Sunday September 3rd

Blues Fest 95 Labor Day Weekend

J.B. and the Midnighters

Johnnie Billington, known as Mr. Johnnie around the Helena, Arkansas and Clarksdale, Mississippi area, will be bringing a group of school children to perform for us at Blues Fest 95. The boys range in age from 8 to 13. Playing for just a little over a year now, the youthful "Blues Men" put on a terrific show.

Mr. Johnnie and his kids have performed all ove the mid-south. Their traditional blues sound makes them a hit with the crowd.

More Great Music

Northeast Arkansas is rich in musical talent. Along with our music legends we will hear John Shepherd of Wynne, long time blues musician and composer. Shepherd is a favorite with the festival crowd.

Another favorite returning to Blues Fest 95 will be Jonathan. A native of West Helena he grew up with blues on his doorstep. Jonathan's performances are second to none and his set is not to be missed.

The West Finch Blues Band has had a loyal following since the 70's when they performed as Cottonmouth. They wowed audiences in Northeast Arkansas then and they can still be counted on to get the crowd on their feet and dancing.

Aaron Love, The Jonesboro Blues Man, will perform once again with his TV Band. Aaron has his own unique style of the Blues and he has been a part of Blues Fest since the beginning. Aaron Love and his TV Band perform on Scene Midday on channel 8 every year to promote Blues Fest. Guess where he got his band name.

Rockabilly Legends

Blues and Rockabilly go hand in hand and many Rockabilly tunes are really traditional Blues. Elvis Presley's first recording was "That's All Right Now Mama" an Arthur "Big Boy" Crudup song. This year we are proud to have a Rockabilly focus on our second day of Blues Fest with early Sun Records artists performing for us.

Larry Donn recorded his first hit "Honey Bun" when he was seventeen years old. Honey Bun has since become a Rockabilly standard. His new CD on Collector is bringing in a whole new audience to Rockabilly.

Sonny Burgess and the Pacers recorded at Sun during the 50's. Sonny's hits include "Red Headed Woman", "We Wanna Boogie", "My Buckets Got a Hole In It", and "Sadie's back in Town". Rock and Roll fans the world around recognize theis group as part of music history.

Tribute to Leon Gambill

As a part of our Rockabilly focus this year we are paying tribute to Leon Gambill. Gambill is credited as being one of the first Rockabilly artists in the Delta. Many older music lovers may remember Gambill's band "The Midnight Ramblers". Gambill, who has been a strong influence on Northeast Arkansas' musicians, will perform at Blues Fest 95.

Known for his generosity Gambill has helped countless musicians during the course of his life, loaning instruments and equipment to those without them and his time to those who needed it. Don't miss this chance to see an old pro at work.

Blues Fest 95 Talent

B n B and the Groove will open Blues Fest on Saturday, September 2nd. These talented musicians are some of the hottest young Jazz artists you've ever heard.

Another act to catch is Steel Wind. Sonny Hunt's guitar work is something special. The group has been performing in the Jonesboro area for many years and have become a triadition at Blues Fest.

Cliff Cammarata has that great soaring guitar style that brings back visions of Stevie Ray. Don't miss this set as he opens the second day at Blues Fest 95.

Hairy Larry and the Flying Hungarians win the award for the most interesting name at Blues Fest. The Hungarians are always a hit. They bring out the boogie in the crowd.

Gerry Moss and the Drive

Gerry Moss and the Drive will make their first Blues Fest appearance this year. Moss, another Northeast Arkansas "Blues Man" is a regular on Beale Street as well as Blues Clubs throughout Arkansas. As one of the "Famous Unknowns" Moss became well known. Gerry Moss and the Drive will be appearing on Sept. 2nd.

Blues Fest 95 performances and other great music by contemporary Delta Artists may be heard on

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